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Atrix Express HEPA Vacuum [VACEXP-04]

For Book Cleaning in House and small quantity, Dusty Environment, Office use

True HEPA Filter
Weighs only 4 pounds
Powerful 79 CFM/110V Motor

VACEXP-04: $158.00 In Stock

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Atrix Omega Plus Vacuum Cleaner

For Books, Dusty Environment, Office use

VACOMEGA: $205.76 In Stock

VACOMEGACT with HEPA filter : $221.25 In Stock

VACOMEGA220F: $254.00 In Stock

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Atrix, Omega Supreme Plus Vacuum Cleaner

The quiet model

For Book cleaning, Dusty Environment, Office use

With true certified HEPA or ULPA filter

VACOMEGAS: $201.00 In Stock

VACOMEGASCT, with HEPA filet: $221.25 In Stock

VACOMEGAS220: $232.00 In Stock

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Atrix, Omega Abatement Vacuum Cleaner

For book cleaning, Mold cleaning, Hazardous materials.

VACOMEGAH with HTPA filter: $241.00

VACOMEGAUwith ULPA filter: $257.00

VACOMEGAH220F with HEPA filter: $232.00

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Mico Flat. Books Flat Dusting Brush

For cleaning books efficiently and quickly

Design to dust off the tops of books.

Cleaning books easily without removing from shelves.

Books Flat Dusting Brush: $98.00

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Arix,Filters, Replacement Parts & Accessories

Replacement Parts & Accessories

In Stock

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