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3M Personal Air Monitoring Systems

3M Organic Vapor, Ethylene Oxide and Formaldehyde Monitors sample airborne contaminants by the simple process of diffusion. The results may then be compared to permissible exposure limits published in health and safety standards. The 3M Personal air Monitors may be used to measure airborne concentrations of vapors and gases in any environment, including residential homes. The monitors may be placed on personnel to get individual exposures or in working areas to get area exposures.


Additional Information

  • For Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality testing.
  • Simple and Convenient.
  • No batteries, hoses or pumps to operate.
  • Easy to use. Just clip the monitor to shirt lapel, collar, or pocket.
  • Versatile. 3M monitors can also be used for area monitoring, if sufficient air flow exists.
  • 3M provides reference information needed to use the monitors.
  • Analysis options. 3M monitors can be analyzed in the lab of your choice or returned for analysis.
  • Confidence. 3M's manufacturing operation is ISO 9002 certified and our testing facilities are accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.
  • Comfort. 3M monitors are small and lightweight and will not interfere with employee activities.

3M Ethylene Oxide Monitors

Ethylene oxide monitors are designed for measuring exposure to ethylene oxide in the pharmaceutical, health care and chemical industries. Meets OSHA accuracy requirements for 8 hour TWA and 15 minute STEL sampling.


3M Formaldehyde Monitors

These monitors are designed for measuring exposure to formaldehyde in the chemical, pulp and paper, foundry and textiles industries. Meets OSHA accuracy requirements of +/-25% for 8-hour TWA sampling. Not for 15minute STEL sampling.


3M Organic Vapor Monitors

Organic vapor monitors are designed for measuring exposure to an assortment of organic vapors. One uses a single sorbent pad, and another includes a back-up pad for more demanding compounds and environments. With or without prepaid analysis.