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How to clean up books with less than $400 in your public library?

You should give the books in your library a good cleaning at least once a year.
Vacuuming with dusting brush is the best solution. Do not use any kinds of cloth to clean up books. Because dust particle attached to cloth can scrub and harm your books. Scrubbing dusty cloth on books can enter dust particles inside books, then harder to clean up.
First of all you need a good HEPA vacuum cleaner with proper suction power. The suction power should be enough to clean up well and not more than enough to damage your valuable books.  We found, Atrix VACOMEGASCT, with HEPA filter is one of the best choice for public libraries. This  vacuum cleaner is enough powerful to do the job.  It is already tested in many libraries, does not harm your valuable books. Use a library cart to move vacuum cleaner. The unit is compact and light and can be moved easily between shelves.
Then you need a series of good cleaning tools. With all Atrix vacuum cleaners there are deferent cleaning tools, Crevice tool with brush, Rubber Flex-Neck tool etc. . Which you can be used to clean up books and shelves. We recommend one round horse hair brush for your sensitive books. It is known dust particles can fixed on  hair of brushes. When rubbing, dust particles attached to brush can harm your books.
Using our Mico Flat. Books Flat Dusting Brush is very efficient ( may be 20 times more efficient) for majority of books.
Start from upper shelves. As  the major quantity of dust accumulate on top of books,  first you need to clean up upper side of books, without removing books from shelves. Removing books from shelves can enter dust inside books.  Clean up dust  always, from the spine of the book toward the opening of the book. This will help keep particles of dust and grime from falling down inside the binding of the book, where it causes damage.
Then for dusting around books you can put a few books on a book cart, push them firmly and vacuum them.
If you realize any sign of mold you need our , Omega Abatement Vacuum Cleaner.

Customer feed back:

Library Dust Consulting,
The unit we bought from you is working very well.
The Hepa filter is great.
The unit is compact and light.
We use the flat attachment and it is very efficient.
Thank You
The Community Library
Ketchum Idaho.