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Hi, I am Hassan Bolourchi, a Chemical Engineer, Ph D. currently working as a scientist with Library Dust Consulting, LLC. in MI, USA . I created this site to present my new findings about health hazard of books dust. The main point is that, looking carefully to the mechanism of dust accumulation on the books and the way it transfer to our respiratory organs; makes the case of books dust special and needs new revision.  

Many librarians who work with dusty books suffer from different illnesses related to books dust. Some of these illnesses like allergy problems and asthma are well known and librarians are aware of them. The books are not cleaned for economical reasons or lack of knowledge about hazards of books dust. Some problems like dust-mite have received good attention.

The new findings reveal that the problem is beyond our current knowledge about dust mite or allergy and asthma due to dust. The health damage is more serious than we would want to ignore because of economical concern. This problem is of concern not only to librarians but anybody who keeps books at home or deals with books. We clean everything carefully in the house except books. The study shows that, long time exposure to books dust can create many illnesses like lung cancer, heart attack, allergy, asthma, skin problem, depression etc. This site is created to sensitize the public for taking action against this serious health hazard. The goal of this site is to inform librarians and anybody who is concerned with this risk for self-protection My research report is presented below. A link to a short article published outside of this site in the same subject is provided. To my best knowledge this is the first scientific review for this problem and there is no other related literature to present here. However an article for health hazard of dust itself is selected for readers who may be interested. This is the result of two entire years working for days and nights. I did this for the love of people and science. I did my best. I did my part. I cannot do anything alone. I now need your help and support. This site is under development and we add everyday our new findings; so please return to this site later. We welcome your suggestions and will publish your opinions and articles.

Research Report

Pay Attention to Books Deadly Dust

Relationship of Lung Cancer and Heart Attack to Library Books Dust

By:  Hassan Bolourchi PhD

This article is presented at:

The 6th edition of the Indoor Air Quality 2004 Meeting (IAQ2004) in Padova , Italy

-10 to 12 November 2004 .

There are many discoveries in history of science which have been made by observing simple natural phenomena. I was lucky enough to come across such a phenomenon that led me to put together my ideas and observations. When you carefully observe such a phenomenon the Mother Nature is your guide and it's just like putting together the pieces of a puzzle..


Article about Dust Hazard

Link Strengthened Between Lung Cancer, Heart Deaths and Tiny Particles of Soot, Dust

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Press releases, March 5, 2002

Years of exposure to the high concentrations of tiny particles of soot and dust from cars, power plants and factories in some metropolitan areas of the United States significantly increase residents' risk of dying from lung cancer and heart disease, according to a study financed largely by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and conducted by scientists at Brigham Young University , Provo, Utah; the University of Ottawa , Ontario, the American Cancer Society and New York University School of Medicine , Tuxedo, N. Y.


Did you Know
  • Dust particulates are one of the most harmful matters that you can inhale.
  • Dust particulate matter is a catalog of all kind of chemicals used in our modern style of life
  • Particles with diameter below 10 microns can enter deeply in the lungs and lodge in their branches.
  • Ordinary dust protection masks, generally used by people, cannot remove these fine particles. Only HEPA face mask should be used.
  • More...

Which type of air cleaner is good for libraries?

How to choose an air cleaner

By Hassan Bolourchi PhD

1-Ozone Generators

Ozone generators that are sold as air cleaners intentionally produce the gas ozone .

Ozone is a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen. Two atoms of oxygen form the basic oxygen molecule, the oxygen we breathe that is essential to life. The third oxygen atom can detach from the ozone molecule, and re-attach to molecules of other substances, thereby altering their chemical composition. It is this ability of ozone to react with other substances that forms the basis ozone generators principle. Ozone at safe levels does not clean the air...


An Article in French
Découverte de nouveaux risques dans la santé de bibliothèques

La poussière des livres, Danger et Hasards.

Par Hassan Bolourchi. PhD

Récemment, dans quelques bibliothèques publiques l'auteur de cet article a observé des conditions anormales communes de santé parmi des bibliothécaires tels que le cancer de poumon, la crise cardiaque, les dommage de peau faciaux et les problèmes respiratoires d'allergie. Peu de cas de cancer de poumon et de crise cardiaque ont appartenu aux fumeurs lourds, la plupart des autres ont été liés aux gens qui n'ont pas semblé être exposés ces risques. Les cas du cancer de poumon étaient particulièrement soupçonneux....

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About Author
Author of this article Hassan Bolourchi is a chemical engineer. He has his Ph. D. from L` Universite de Technologie de Compiegne in France, with specialty in dispersion systems and particulate matter. He has worked as research associate at University of Windsor in Canada in the field of surface chemistry and material science. He has developed several patented processes and products and has over 20 years experience in the related area to this article. He currently works with Library Dust Consulting,LLC in Michigan, US.
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